3 thoughts on “Scintillating Blue Sapphire Engagement Ring

  1. The design was the culmination of much commitment and dedication from Heritage Gems, given the short timeline I had to get this ready (sorry!). The ring design, from gem selection to setting design, was put together over a few weeks, with many astute and elegant design suggestions being made, blending my personal choices with the professional design expertise offered by Heritage Gems. I did not feel at any time I was being railroaded and my design concepts were effortless incorporated and improved. Heritage Gems was patient with my endless questions and thoughts on the design.

    Everyone who sees the ring on my partner’s finger has been mesmerised, and she was pleasantly surprised to receive compliments specifically on the quality of the sapphire, even from a gem expert while shopping for a gift within Tiffany’s, and also while walking through a bazaar of jewellers.

    This ring will now proudly take its place in my family’s history. Thank you for bringing this piece to life.

    1. Dear R.N,

      We would like to thank you for your feedback. It was our honour & pleasure having the chance to work on & design your engagement ring and happy to hear that it brought much joy.

      Looking forward to creating another special piece for you soon.

      Germaine Woo

      On behalf of Heritage Gems

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