One thought on “Propose with our Signature Snowflake design

  1. When my fiancée proposed, he wanted me to be a part of the ring selection process. After some discussion and looking at diamond rings, we decided that we were looking for something more special and unique for both of us to remember. I have always liked the color of blue and sapphire seemed like a perfect option.
    With that in mind, Ivan reached out to Heritage Gems and met with Germaine to take a look at their selection. Once he narrowed it down to a few stones, he and I met Germaine for another viewing. I have to note that Germaine was extremely patient and attentive to our preferences through the long process. She was very detailed in explaining the different factors we had to take into consideration when making a particular design selection. We exchanged at least a dozen of emails and calls with Germaine, and she was always very attentive to our requests. Especially helpful were the mock ups of the designs that Germaine patiently put together for us to create a visual of the ring.

    In addition to the engagement ring, we ended up getting our wedding bands custom-made and engraved by Heritage Gems. Ivan wanted a more natural rustic look, and we settled on a hammered design. After scouring a number of stores in Singapore, we couldn’t find anything that was anywhere near what we imagined (they all looked a bit machine made and lacked uniqueness), and again turned to Germaine for help. The outcome could not have been more perfect. Again, Germaine was extremely receptive to our comments and worked with the craftsmen to give us what we wanted within a relatively tight time frame.

    We are very grateful for how the rings turned out and will recommend Heritage Gems to our friends for their jewelry needs.

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