The gem you want, the way you want it. Tell us your story today.

At Heritage Gems Fine Jewellery, our master goldsmiths work together everyday to turn our clients’ dreams into reality. Because we believe that true luxury is about being able to create bespoke customised pieces that tell your personal story. 

Finding the right engagement ring doesn’t have to be stressful

We help clients create jewellery that is thoughtful, precious and reflective of their own personalities. Because like each and every person, every piece of jewellery has it’s own unique character. 

We make it easy to find your perfect jewellery – we make it just the way you like it. No Short-cuts.

At Heritage Gems, we know our clients are looking only for the best. That’s why you’re here on our website right? So, our jewellery is hand-crafted right here in Singapore with precision accuracy. Each and every stone and diamond is skilfully set by hand, polished the right way, with no shortcuts. This way, we uphold the quality we handover to our clients and we ensure our clients have a bespoke piece of jewellery to call their own.


Let Your Next Bespoke piece enhance your personal beauty because every woman is beautiful.

Our philosophy is to craft exceptional, bespoke jewellery using one of Mother Nature’s most prized possessions – diamonds and unheated, untreated gemstones. A well designed piece of jewellery will enhance  a woman’s beauty and bring that extra sparkle to her eye. 

Heritage Gems creates jewellery that remind you of your past travels, memories of your loved ones and the most cherished moments in your lifetime. 

The gift of jewellery is timeless and eternal. At Heritage Gems, there is a creation for every occasion.

Experience the rarity of owning a piece of unique jewellery today. 

Call us today for a consultation at +65 97716923 or email us with your enquiry at:


4 thoughts on “The gem you want, the way you want it. Tell us your story today.

  1. Hi, I’m looking for a simple diamond band and emerald stone ring. Do you have any collections and how much would it cost to custom make one? Do let me know. Thank you.

  2. Hello. I have a specific design in mind already. Interested in a pink centre sapphire maybe around 1-2 carat with a few loose diamonds on the side. How much would this customisation cost? Maybe we can schedule an appointment?

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