May 23, 2014

Deep Ocean Blue Sapphire Ring (Heated)

There is romantic appeal in such a deep mysterious shade of ocean blue sapphire. And surprisingly, this sapphire ring is not unheated. Yes, Heritage Gems does have access to heated sapphires as well. Though heated, this particular shade of blue is not what one would typically see at a highstreet/mainstream jeweller. It is unique deep mysterious blue. Our client said “I feel calm when I see this colour”. Heated blue sapphires normally offered at your mainstream jeweller are usually an intense, almost bright blue shade. Some would describe these shades as somewhat artificial looking. Again, one of the main reasons why we do what we do. We are passionate about…

May 6, 2014

Nature-inspired Aquamarine & Phosphophyllite Floral Earrings

Part II of of our nature-inspired cocktail jewellery is a pair of Floral Aquamarine Cocktail Earrings. Aquamarines come in a a few shades of blue. From near colourless to strong medium blue and also light green-blue. The term Aquamarine stems from its Latin counterpart Aqua-marina which means marine colour or colour of the sea. This design features a pair of diamond flowers flanked by a pair of trillant cut green-blue Aquamarines and long drop Phosphophyllite. Never heard of a Phosphophyllite? That’s because it is an extremely rare gem, almost unheard of in most common jewellery shops. Phosphophyllite can be found in Germany and Bolivia, while it’s finer specimen comes from Bolivia….

May 6, 2014

Nature-inspired Rubellite Butterfly Cocktail Ring

We draw inspiration from nature for this particular ring which features butterflies. Butterflies typically flutter and hover above the flowers and the leaves. Part I of our nature-inspired cocktail jewellery is a Rubellite gemstone Butterfly cocktail ring.   The design stage had gone through several revisions until we came to what was to be the final drawings that had gone from drawing board to our crafting bench.   Not only is this particular design different from what is commonly seen in high street jewellers, the overall style is unique in that: the oval gemstone is actually aligned horizontally. Most oval shape rings are aligned vertically. when the ring is viewed from…