Month: May 2012


Behind the scenes

A glimpse of what goes on behind the scenes; one of our craftsmen, hand-mounting individual diamonds.                             The finishedย  product: a beautiful pair of diamond earrings.ย 3.25cts

wedding bands – circle of love

A recently completed set of wedding bands with engraving, in 95% pure platinum. Simple, yet understated elegance. Fitting of this perfect couple. The couple is very pleased with their wedding rings. As the groom says: “I like my ring. Its nice, classic and comfortable. & my colleagues thinkย our rings are nice too!”

Enter the world of Rubelites

                        Rubelites, not to be mistaken as Rubies belong to the Tourmaline family. Fine quality rubelites are very hard to come by. Most rubelites available in the market these days are usually red, tinged with brown tones. Purplish to pinkish overtones remain the most desirable colours for Rubelites – the main body colour … Read More Enter the world of Rubelites

Precious Gems

                    Pure beauty. Unheated, unenhanced, entirely natural blue sapphires.       Blue Zircon. If you love the colour of the ocean, azure blue waters of the Maldivian sea, you will not go wrong with the Blue Zircon. PS: Zircons are gemstones of the earth, not to me mistaken by Cubic Zirconia, which is a … Read More Precious Gems

Debunking Jewellery Myth #1 – Chipped Diamonds

Some people have come to me with their diamond rings and showed me that their solitaire diamond has chipped at the sides, or the girdle (in gemmology terms). They’re baffled and can’t understand why, as diamonds areย “supposed” to be extremely hard. Well, it is true that diamonds are hard, but they are not as tough. On the Mohs scale of mineral hardness, diamonds rank … Read More Debunking Jewellery Myth #1 – Chipped Diamonds

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