Pearls for every woman

Not only do we source for fine quality gemstones, Heritage Gems also has access to natural south sea pearls. Natural south sea pearls come in a variety of colours, ranging from champagne to silver white to cream, tahitian grey and peacock-coloured pearls. Pearl jewellery make for a classic, timeless gift that a lady can wear for now and in the years to come.

As Coco Chanel once said “A woman needs ropes and ropes of pearls.” And who can forget Jackie Kennedy’s love of pearls: “Pearls are always appropriate.”

A special client of ours wanted to surprise his wife with a gift on her birthday. A necklace and earring peal set that she could wear on semi-casual occasions and when they go on dates. How romantic!

After careful selection of the pearls to ensure consistent colour, lustre and correct size, the pearls were then chosen to ensure all 7 pearls had as little blemish as possible.

There were several options provided during design discussion process. Fancy-cut marquise diamonds were also proposed to match our client’s face shape. Fancy-cut setting size diamonds are always a premium price to regular round setting size diamonds.



Above: Pearl and diamond selection process. Each pearl is carefully handpicked to ensure similar colour, lustre and clarity (i.e.: as little blemish as possible). 



Above: 5-pc Natural South Sea Pearl and Diamond Drop Necklace. Each piece is an 11mm diameter pearl (which is relatively large for natural pearls). 





Mixing two design elements – star ruby ring

Our client was looking for something modern, refreshing and definitely did not want the usual gemstone ring surrounded by round diamonds.

One of our star rubies caught her eye. Although the gemstone itself is round, she wanted a design that was very contemporary, with lots of straight lines visually to alleviate the roundness of the gem.

Though our client does not reside in Singapore, this did not stop us from creating that bespoke piece that fit her well.


Crafted in solid 18K white gold, we decided to use baguette diamonds to accentuate the beauty of this ruby instead. Not your typical style, yet simple, gorgeous and eye-catching, this cocktail ring is definitely a head-turner.

With a shank wide enough to be worn on the middle (3rd) finger, this piece of jewellery makes for an excellent cocktail ring, even when the occasion is not ultra formal or dressy.


When a blue sapphire ring is not an engagement ring

A sapphire ring does not necessarily always have to be an engagement ring.

And so a client of ours decide to pamper herself with an unheated sapphire ring. She was looking for a nice medium vibrant blue. After viewing our selection of unheated sapphires, she set her heart on a particular piece of cushion shape, 2.16ct blue sapphire. It really is very pretty both under natural daylight and artificial shop lighting.

Not quite sure of the design she wanted, we provided her some design options that would complement both herself and something that would work for the gemstone itself. (i.e.: not all designs are suitable for every gemstone as it depends on the shape and colour of the gem).

She wanted something suitable for more regular wear but nothing too ostentatious – yet still sparkly and pretty. Somewhat like a cocktail ring or dressier, but nothing too chunky.

After discussions and measurements, she had finally decided on the design of her ring.