Month: September 2013

Unheated Blue Sapphires

In a follow-up post to the beauty of unheated yet beautiful gemstones, though they are difficult to find, at Heritage Gems, it is possible. Below are just some examples of fine quality unheated blue sapphires                 4.68ct unheated medium blue sapphire               2.34ct unheated vivid blue sapphire         … Read More Unheated Blue Sapphires


Heat or Unheat

In recent years, supply of medium to fine quality rubies have dwindled to almost a standstill. When we say medium quality, the bare minimum standards that the gemstone must meet are at least: Eye-clean Good Lustre even colour, especially when viewed top-down (looking down at the table/face of the gem) Last but not least, the all-important factor, and deal-breaker: whether the gem is heated … Read More Heat or Unheat

Swiss Blue

The blue topaz is a December birthstone. Apart from the blue topaz, other december birthstones include tanzanite, blue zircon and turqoise. This sparkling shade of blue commonly seen is called a swiss blue topaz. It is an affordable gem that can be set into beautiful fine jewellery. This is a cushion-shape 3.9ct swiss blue topaz set in a single-halo, double diamond shank design, in … Read More Swiss Blue

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