Swiss Blue

The blue topaz is a December birthstone. Apart from the blue topaz, other december birthstones include tanzanite, blue zircon and turqoise.

This sparkling shade of blue commonly seen is called a swiss blue topaz. It is an affordable gem that can be set into beautiful fine jewellery.


This is a cushion-shape 3.9ct swiss blue topaz set in a single-halo, double diamond shank design, in solid 18K white gold. On its own, it looks beautiful. Once worn, as shown below on client’s hand, it is captivating. A ring of this colour and size will definitely draw attention even from afar.


3 thoughts on “Swiss Blue

  1. New to the world of gemstones, Heritage Gem patiently gave my husband and I a 101 on the different varieties it carried to ensure that we would make as informed a decision as we could when it came to selecting the gemstone we wanted.

    Lovely enough on its own, the swiss blue topaz’s beauty was even more magnified once it was set with diamonds. It was truly a delight to behold and we are glad that we chose Heritage Gems to bring our dream design to life!

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