Peridot – the birthstone of August babies

What a spectacular, refreshing colour on this peridot. Almost vivid green, this peridot caught the eye of an endearing husband looking to gift his wife for her birthday, handcrafted fine jewellery. Though not just simply fine jewellery, but he was looking for a piece that features her birthstone.

Peridot is the birthstone of those born in August – the best colours of peridots come in vivid green with a tint of gold.

Though “classified” as a “semi-precious” gem, this does not mean the gem is any less striking or beautiful than a “precious” gem. A true sparkler that will light up a room just as much as any precious gemstone.

Again, true to our in-house quality, this peridot meets our minimum in-house requirement of colour, brilliance, lustre, clarity and cut.