Gorgeous Tanzanite Engagement Ring

Tanzanite is known to be a rather soft stone. Tanzanites are also, almost always heated.  Nonetheless, if cared for properly by its owner during storage and wear, it is a remarkably beautiful gemstone that can last for decades. Tanzanites are indeed a rare gemstone as they originate only from one source in Tanzania (hence the name). Below is a gorgeous tanzanite engagement ring with a full suite of halo diamonds, both on top and on the sides of the halo. 

Tanzanites are typically polished and faceted as large gemstones in sizes 5cts and above. Sizes less than 5 cts are not typically seen in jewellery stores. Hence, it is actually rare to find this piece as seen below, not exceeding 2cts and in a round shape. A premium is usually priced in for all gemstones (regardless coloured gemstone or diamond) that come in round shape as this shape incurs the highest carat weight loss.

Featured below is a very romantic-styled engagement ring with a gorgeous Tanzanite as its centrepiece.

Tanzanites typically displays a good range of lilac, violets and blue all within the same stone. In a more ‘technical’ term, it is a trichroic gemstone, meaning Tanzanites typically exhibit 3 layers of colour. There are very few gemstones known to Mankind that are trichroic.

Tanzanite Engagement Ring

AAA Tanzanite Engagement Ring


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And what’s more brilliant about this piece is that this design can be worn with a plain wedding band in a seamless effect! No awkward gap between your engagement ring and your wedding band!

If you don’t fancy a plain wedding band, style your engagement ring with a channel-set diamond wedding band, with our seamless effect. Either way, it will be a super gorgeous wedding stack.

Seamless Wedding and Engagement Ring Set


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New Colour of Love – the gem that is 1000 times rarer than Diamonds

A birthday around the corner, your wedding anniversary next week.

What do you give to your wife who already has the common, colourless rock? The new colour of love, in multiple shades! Blue, Bluish-Violet, Violet-Blue and Investment Grade Tanzanites. Tanzanites have one of the most mesmerizing blue/violet shades found in one single gem. This is due to its geological formation.

The most important C of Tanzanites is Colour, followed by Clarity, Cut and Carat.

3.58ct Perfect Solitaire Investment Grade Tanzanite.
1.04ct diamonds
18k white gold

** The above photos are taken with a regular iphone and a regular pentax digital camera and have not been enhanced in any way. 

How rare is Tanzanite?

Considering that Tanzanites are found in only one place on Earth, Tanzania in East Africa, it is a game of a single source with limited supply. In addition to this, the Tanzanian Government has banned the export of unprocessed Tanzanites into India (which is where 90% of the world’s supply of rough Tanzanites are faceted, cut and polished). Supply of Tanzanites is estimated to last approximately another 30 years, though with more advanced technology, miners could possibly mine deeper underground to achieve more.

The Tanzanite Foundation claims Tanzanites to be 1000 times rarer than Diamonds.

Investment Grade Tanzanites

Colour Chart Source: http://www.lapigems.com

Top quality colour Investment Grade Tanzanites are difficult to find. We are referring to good saturation (not one notch more, not one notch less), high brilliancy, a vivid hues of Bluish-Violet. Too much saturation, too much of blue or too much violet or very dark shades of Tanzanites will lower the value and price of your Tanzanite.

So you have the money, can you buy a piece of Investment Grade Tanzanite?

As mentioned, supply of Investment Grade Tanzanites are limited due to its single source. Even with money, the average consumer may or may not be able to lay their hands on Investment Grade/AAA coloured Tanzanites.

If you can afford, but can’t wait to have an Investment Grade Tanzanite, perhaps settle for yet another common, colourless rock