To the unknowing eye, this beautiful green gemstone is usually mistaken for an Emerald. It is deemed a valuable gemstone not simply because of its high Refractive Index (1.72, not lacking far behind Sapphires which have an RI of 1.76) and its relative hardness (Mohs Scale of 7.25 versus that of Sapphires which is 9). Ranking high on the Refractive Index results in usually good – high brilliance if the gemstone is properly cut and faceted.

Tsavorites are usually pure and untouched by human intervention. Some gemstones require various forms of treatment, heating process, oiling to achieve a certain level of brilliance and colour. Not the Tsavorite – it is possible to find beautiful, brilliant Tsavorites that are as Mother Nature intended for them to be.

An example is this ring carefully handcrafted for client. Simple, classy, yet stunningly brilliant.

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