Vintage style sapphire ring

With fine jewellery, one would expect that it is them who will be in search of that nice piece of rock, or that beautiful gemstone. But when the stars are aligned, without even realising it, the right gemstone will pick you.

And this is exactly what happened with this blue sapphire and our client. But this was no ordinary blue sapphire. It was a fine piece of blue sapphire (albeit heated) with a tint of sea green. Unfortunately, this hint of sea green is not picked up very well by the camera nor iPhone.

In documenting this hint of sea-green colour in the blue sapphire, we might be shooting ourselves in the foot as we might, very soon, get a a barrage of enquiries about whether we can source a similar blue sapphire with hint of sea-green. And in response to this, the answer is: this color is unique, rare and not commonly seen.

Vintage Style Midnight Blue Sapphire Ring

Vintage Style Sapphire Engagement Rings

Vintage Midnight Blue Sapphire Duotone Gold

Our client was quite specific in his design requirements. He had wanted to create a ring that had a slight vintage appeal, somewhat reminiscent of something from the victorian era, yet nothing too complicated nor dated. After some rounds of design tweaking, he was happy with the look and feel of the proposed design.

Some views of the work-in-progress photos below. Clearly before fine jewellery becomes sparkly as most people would recognise it as, the initial stages are very raw and organic. Which is not surprising really, as every material and component is God’s gift and the miracle of Mother Nature. Gemstones, gold and diamonds are all mined from rocks, earth and mineral components.

Bestowing a gift of handcrafted fine jewellery to your beloved is truly precious because  every component is 100% natural, earth-mined and organic. Every piece of fine jewellery has its own story. And every component; from the precious stone, to the diamond and the gold, has journeyed a long way from its origin – deep within the depths of earth, to find its way onto your person. A priceless treasure, a true keeper. 

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Engagement Ring Behind The Scenes

2 thoughts on “Vintage style sapphire ring

  1. Thank you Heritage Gems for the wonderful ring that you have made for me and my fiancee. Having succeeded with my surprise wedding proposal for my fiancee recently, here I am to give my feedback on the experience that I had.

    From the selection of gems to the design stage and finally to the construction of the ring, it has been a wonderful experience.

    It all began with an email from me, searching for the one gem to be made into an engagement ring for my fiancee. I was able to get replies from Heritage Gem very quickly with many different pictures of the gemstones for me to choose from. The wide range of gems has amazed me. I got a chance to head down to the workshop with an arranged appointment to look at the physical gems. Germaine knew all the different gemstones very well. She was very passionate about them and was able to describe them very clearly. She understood what I wanted very quickly after I had given her a brief description.

    After coming to a decision on the gem to be used, we began with the design stage. It was a period of time with lots of modifications and changes. Picturing the ring by imagination was not easy. Altough there were constraints that may be limited by the shape of the gem, Germaine clearly highlighted these issues and was very patient in working together with me to work around them and achieve the perfect design. I feel that I was a very difficult and picky customer but Germaine has worked with me very well and I am really satisfied with the final design.

    During the construction phase, I was continually updated with the progress and the ring was completed within the timeline given. The quality of the ring was very good and its design matches that in design stage very closely. The craftsmen were also very helpful in providing feedback and suggestions that has helped me with decisions in certain features of the ring.

    Overall, Heritage Gems has so many gemstones that it is hard for one not to find a suitable one for yourself. The services provided from the start to the end together with the commitment level was also top class. This is definitely the place that I will visit again and recommend to my friends and families. I really appreciate the help given by everyone in Heritage Gems. Thank you for all your efforts.

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