Ice-Blue Unheat Sapphire

An ice-blue frosty unheat blue sapphire engagement ring just in time for a christmas proposal.

In the most unusual square-cushion hybrid shape and far from boring, this unheat sapphire ring is as stunning and as it is eye-catching.

Notice no area of the sapphire is facet-less. No area of the sapphire is overly dark nor excessively colourless. A well-faceted, fine quality unheat sapphire ring.

With a setting that resembles that of a lotus flower, this makes a gorgeous and classy engagement ring.


2 thoughts on “Ice-Blue Unheat Sapphire

  1. This gorgeous Ice-Blue Sapphire ring is now sitting perfectly on my fiancee’s finger. When I first laid eyes on the gemstone months ago, I knew right away that it was special. The color and shape is undeniably unique… but what truly stood out to me was its clarity and brilliance. The Sapphire just dazzles and shines, regardless if it’s under a spotlight, outdoors in the sun, or indoors away from any direct light source. In fact, the photograph here doesn’t really capture how radiant this Sapphire stone truly is in real life.

    For most people, the ice-blue hue may not be the color that comes to mind when they’re looking for a Sapphire. But that’s because this color tone and saturation is exceptionally rare. I wasn’t able to find anything like it in other boutique stores, especially unheated and at this size. As I planned to propose at the end of December, I thought the frosty blue was somehow apt to represent the winter season. Sometimes, the Sapphire seems to change its shade of blue when light hits it at different angles, adding to the exceptional nature of the stone.

    Needless to say, my proposal went extremely well, and my fiancee loved her engagement ring. Admittedly, my fiancee is delightfully shy at how eye catching the ring is when she wears it out in public. I have to commend Germaine for her amazing customer service and patience in helping me through the selection and designing process. Thank you so much!

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