You simply cannot say no to this

No, we cannot get enough of this medium electric blue seen in this unheated blue sapphire. This shade of blue for unheated sapphires is becoming extremely difficult to source – regardless of size.

If you chance upon this, grab it while you still can. It won’t be long before availability becomes an issue, even if money is not!

Styled in ever classic diamond halo design because the blue already stands out so well on its own – what more could a lady ask for?


3 thoughts on “You simply cannot say no to this

  1. Hi, I was interested in getting a sapphire engagement ring for my girlfriend, but we both think that sapphire rings tend to be very big an ostentatious. Have you had any experience doing something subtler? Thank you!

  2. I was looking for a medium to deep shade of sapphire for my engagement ring in less than 2 carats and was glad Germaine was able to source for one during her trip to the mines! 🙂 Although we have only met up once just a week prior to her trip, she was able to fully understand what I was looking for and also recommended designs that are classic, without being ostentatious for my age. If you are looking for a quality gemstone (not the kind of grades you usually find in commercial jewellery stores), complete with a great taste in designs (that goes well with your gemstone and your fingers), contact Germaine now! I am sure you would be a proud owner as I am if you own the above ring. Thanks Germaine! :))

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