Prettiest hues of unheated Blue Sapphire

One of the prettiest hues of unheated blue Sapphire in our inventory. An engagement ring featuring a shade of blue very slightly lighter than cornflower blue. However, it is a more vibrant blue than light blue sapphires.

With all its beautiful facets visible from the table face of the gemstone, it is not difficult to fall in love with this beauty.

Unheated blue sapphires in this quality is rare as it is not only well-faceted, with an even colour distribution (no colour-zones), but also loupe-clean. How difficult is it exactly, to find a beautiful unheated blue sapphire? Below is a classification table for reference. In terms of absolute figures, the scenario could be as follows: Out of 1000 Sapphires that are mined from earth, only 100 are unheated. And of the 100 that are unheated, only approximately 5 unheated Sapphires are considered aesthetically pleasing. And these figures are based on a worldwide, international level of availability, not just in Singapore.

What we aim to offer our clients are gemstones in Category D and that is exactly what this Sapphire is.

Set in 18K white gold, this blue beauty looks stunning and elegant seated next to the colourless sparkle of the diamond.

Asymmetrical Symmetrical Design:

A note on design: while a simple design such as this could appear seemingly easy to create, it is something best left in the hands of an experienced artisanal craftsman. Why so? With the diamonds on asymmetrical placement, any gold prong work and diamond placement that is out of alignment becomes very instantly obvious to the eye. Our team of craftsmen have however managed to achieve symmetrical asymmetry.

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